Calvert’s Twin Beaches, Looking Forward While Remembering Origins

The neighboring towns of Chesapeake Beach and North Beach are known for their quaint charm and laid back lifestyle. Whether you’re strolling down the boardwalk or antiquing, there’s always something fun and relaxing to do. This appreciation for leisure dates back to the town’s beginnings.

Local Attractions

The Town of Chesapeake Beach began as a pipe-dream in the late 19th century by developers who planned a grand resort on the Chesapeake Bay. In 1900, the Chesapeake Beach Railway Company began operations, which shuttled Washington D.C.’s elite to a relaxing day of salt water and fun. Visitors were welcomed by a carousel, casino, theaters, restaurants, a bandstand, and a roller coaster called “The Great Derby.” The crowning jewel, the luxurious Belvedere Hotel, was located on the north side of 17th Street overlooking the bay. A fire destroyed the Belvedere in 1923 and the Railway was forced to close in 1935 as a result of The Great Depression. Not one to be kept down long, the Chesapeake Beach Amusement Park opened and kept tourism in the town until it closed in 1972.

Now, there is new life in Twin Beaches. They’re home to one of the state’s most popular farmer markets, tons of restaurants, museums, casinos, water sports, fishing, and beaches. While the towns move forward, there is constant homage to their beginnings. Plaques adorn the boardwalk and surrounding area that remember it’s history and what was there before. The Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum stands to commemorate a nostalgic time. And one of the areas more popular neighborhoods, Chesapeake Station, stands where the carousel once did and pays homage with names such as Arcade Ct, Carousel Way, and Band Shell Ct.

The towns are looking towards the twenties, the Twenty-Twenties that is, with big plans.  Rod & Reel has plans to renovate their facilities, as well as build a large parking structure.  Hundred year old bungalows in both towns are snatched up by investors and handy homeowners, looking to reclaim the slow, neighborly lifestyle that the Beaches call their own.  Likewise, developers are eager to take advantage of the Twin Beaches prime commuter location, marketing large and stately homes to folks flooding to Calvert for well rated schools and houses priced far under other areas in the DC Metro.

There truly is no other town like North or Chesapeake Beach. Whether you’re visiting for an afternoon or one of the lucky ones to call it home, Twin Beaches will steal a piece of your heart.

NOTABLE WEEKLY EVENT: North Beach’s extremely popular Friday Night Farmers’ Market and Classic Car Cruise-In runs from the first Friday in May through the first Friday in October.

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