About Our Community

Our History

The Calvert Peninsula is bordered on the east by Chesapeake Bay and on the west by the Patuxent River. It was considered the family jewel of the Barons of Baltimore, the proprietors of the English Colony of Maryland, from whom it was named after.

Calvert Community Culture was established in 2018 with a vision deeply rooted in the history and uniqueness of Calvert County, Maryland.

Our Approach

As a curated community resource, we highlight the unique culture that attracts guests and residents from Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV and far beyond.

Our aim is to highlight cultural highlights and support community businesses through curating and showcasing select opportunities to the community. Our passion for this unique area and its culture led to the creation of Calvert Community Culture. Our roots are from several decades of living, working, and playing in the county.

We exclusively focus on the unique amenities, cuisine, and events all across the county with a curated lens focused on showcasing the best of what sets it apart from other places.

Our Curator

Our curator is a long-time resident of Calvert County.

Rachel Broderick

Founder & Curator

Rachel is a local Realtor, traveler and blogger who loves wine, tea, food, family and Calvert!

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